Bespoke Software

Don't work by hand! Get your computer to do all that tedious, time consuming and error prone work for you.

  • We design software to your needs and specifications.
  • You will be updated every stage of the project to make sure you get what you want.
  • Pricing will depend on the project.

Contact us here and lets start talking about your project.

Business Software & Applications

  • Extend existing systems, such as integration between website and sage pay.
  • booking, timetable, time management systems.
  • databases systems: local or on the cloud.
  • data processing tools development or extension of existing tools
  • Artificial Intelligence software integration is possible if required
contact with us to make it happen.
  • Games, business, educational, social media, news.
  • Web apps i.e. an app that works with your web site, or as an app version of your site. This also includes hybrid apps that act as a browser to mimic your site style or appearance.
  • Features include anything from: user login/registration, email verification, data storage (databases, cloud), search filters for content, content management systems, online shop, Google services intergration (analytics, maps, pay,...), .
  • Data collection. Collect information on your customers habits to determine where you are going right or wrong.
Get in contact with us and we can make your idea a reality.
  • 2D.
  • physics engine.
  • developed in unity.
  • AI.
  • Multiplayer.
What ever it is it can be built.